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Arrow Global
Proprietary Collections Bureau

Proprietary Collections Bureau

The Proprietary Collections Bureau (PCB) was designed by Arrow Global and Experian to address key issues in the collections marketplace.

This technology is a UK industry first, and we believe that it has helped to improve the way that the sector manages relationships between customers and creditors.

The PCB is an innovative data matching tool, which assists with the technical aspects of debt purchase and account management and is available to participants within the industry. Without careful coordination during the data matching process, a customer's creditors could appoint multiple third parties to pursue multiple debts from an individual. However, data matching assists with avoiding such issues. We therefore consider the PCB to be an important compliance tool.

The PCB currently contains over 25 million individual records (at end of December 2017) via a number of industry participants. Results to date indicate that PCB has wide-reaching benefits for the entire sector including customers, regulators, agencies, third party debt managers (3PDMs) and creditors.

The PCB identifies any existing customer-3PDM and customer-agency relationships, enabling a creditor to take a more compliant and streamlined approach to the account. This approach has benefited all involved, most importantly the customer, who as a result not only deals with fewer third parties, but has their existing payment relationships honoured by creditors.



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