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Arrow Global
What sets us apart

What sets us apart

Our purpose is to build better financial futures.

Customers are at the very heart of our business and we are constantly developing and evolving new and original ways to work with them and to understand them better.

We believe our straight-forward approach benefits all stakeholders - from clients to customers.

We have a history of leading industry efforts to improve the sector. This includes the development of unique and innovative data tools, which,  assists with the technical aspects of debt purchase and account management. This has been compiled since the Company’s inception in 2005 and consists of over 35 million records. The richness of data assets we hold informs our investment decisions and collections strategy, allowing us to accurately value potential portfolios and optimise servicing. Crucially, it also positions us well to provide the best treatment for or customers as we are able to understand their financial position and needs.

Delivering Value

Our customers
We understand that debt is a prominent issue and aim to work with customers to help them improve their financial situation. We work with credit charities and other organisations that provide free impartial services to ensure our customers get the best advice available. By using our industryleading data and customer segmentation systems, we are able to better understand our customers and their financial situations, enabling us to interact with them on an individual basis. Our ultimate aim is to help customers rehabilitate their finances,  mprove their credit file and gain access to more affordable mainstream credit services currently unavailable to them.

Our clients
We have exceptionally strong relationships with financial  institutions and institutional investors. This means we are able to assist financial  institutions to deleverage by acquiring portfolios from them (our debt purchase business), and are strongly positioned to help our  investment partners value and service their own portfolio acquisitions (our asset management business). This means we make many of our portfolio investments off market – either in a bilateral trade with an institution, or the purchase of an asset tail from an exiting credit investor on our servicing platform – helping us to mitigate pricing pressure and giving us greater visibility on returns.

Our colleagues
Our people provide the essential talent and energy to fulfil our purpose and goals. We rely on them to consistently ‘do the right thing’ in order to drive great customer service and deliver excellent customer outcomes. Our employees share in the Company’s success through our share options/purchase schemes, while remuneration across the Company is linked to a mixture of Group performance and personal success against our One Arrow values scorecards. This means their financial futures are aligned to ours and those of our other stakeholders.

Our communities
We believe in working with the communities where we operate, ensuring that we do all we can to have a positive influence through supporting local charities and initiatives. We have a clear strategy to support charities that focus on financial education and financial support and, more generally, we work closely with Citizens Advice (CA), as well as a range of debt charities, including StepChange, Payplan and Christians Against Poverty.

Our shareholders
We believe that if we fulfil our obligations to our customers, clients, colleagues and communities, our shareholders are the ultimate beneficiaries. We aim to deliver strong returns to our shareholders, targeting return on equity in the mid-twenties percentage and EPS growth in the high-teens percentage over the medium term. This consistency is further underpinned by good balance sheet management that prioritises stable,long-term funding.




Analytical insight

  • Our business model enables us to develop solutions to meet the needs of both our customers and clients. We're committed to understanding our customers and, wherever possible, offering a tailored solution for each individual customer's circumstances.


  • We seek to build an accurate profile of each customer's circumstances so that an affordable and sustainable repayment solution can be formulated and implemented.

Specialist partners

  • As well as our Capquest in-house service capabilities, we also work with a network of specialist third parties, which, together with our sophisticated data and analytics, supports us in approaching each customer and each account on an individual basis.


  • Our specialist partners enable us to do our best to ensure customer accounts are placed with those organisations most suited to an individual's circumstances. By working with a range of specialist partners we maintain a flexible and highly scalable platform, which allows us to be responsive to client and customer needs.

We believe our straight-forward approach benefits all stakeholders - from creditors to customers.
Arrow Global Limited is registered in England and Wales with company number 05606545. Its registered office is at Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester M2 4AW. Arrow Global Limited ("AGL") is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for certain credit-related regulated activities, and is part of the Arrow Global Group. AGL is registered on the Financial Services Register under registration number 718754.