With the current COVID-19 situation developing daily, supporting our customers and their financial wellbeing remains paramount.

We understand that the financial strain associated with the virus outbreak, may affect some of our customers. With this in mind, we would like to update our customers with regards to options available to you if you have been affected.

In line with the FCA guidance on the treatment of customers finding themselves in financial difficulty due to the current situation, together with our partners who manage your accounts, we are able to offer customers payment holidays. You can find detailed information about the FCA’s temporary financial relief for those affected by coronavirus here.

Payment holidays mean a three month’s break in the repayments of your financial commitment may be granted, if:

  • you have been impacted financially by the coronavirus outbreak; and
  • have a personal loan, credit card or a store card which is within the term of the contract and not terminated.

Payment holidays are a way of providing temporarily relief to the financial pressure you may be currently facing without any negative impact on your credit file. Please note, however, that while payment holidays are granted, payments missed will need to be made up for and the interest charged on the account will continue to accrue, if applicable. It is, therefore, important to understand how this may impact you in the long run.

We offer a range of forbearance options for customers in financial difficulty, so if you have been impacted, please contact the partner managing your account on our behalf, to discuss the most appropriate solution for you.

Similarly, if you are currently on a payment arrangement for your account, but have been affected by coronavirus, you should also contact the partner who is managing your account on our behalf, to discuss your options.