Who we are

We work closely with customers to find realistic and affordable repayment plans based on their individual circumstances

Who we are

Established in 2005, Arrow Global specialises in the purchase, collection and servicing of non-performing and non-core assets. We identify, acquire and manage secured and unsecured loan and real estate portfolios from and on behalf of financial institutions, such as banks, institutional fund investors and specialist lenders.

As part of what we do, we purchase accounts from a range of businesses, including retail banks, credit card and telecommunication companies. We work closely with customers whose debts we acquired to agree affordable repayments plans based on their individual circumstances. We are a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and subscribe to the Standards of Lending Practice.  We comply with their Code of Practice and with the relevant regulatory guidelines, including the Financial Conduct Authority Handbook and the Data Protection Act.

We are a regulated business in all our European markets.

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Working with customers

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