Arrow Global and Capquest support StepChange Debt Awareness Week

For the second year running, StepChange is holding its ‘Debt Awareness Week’. Running from Monday 26th January to Sunday 1st February, the charity will be focussing on helping people take control of their finances.

At Arrow Global and Capquest, we have been working with our servicing partners to ensure that we can help and support this StepChange initiative and give our customers more information when discussing free money advice.

As part of the initiative, StepChange is launching a new ‘7 Days, 7 Ways’ programme, which gives easily digestible bite-size advice and guidance to help people through the process of dealing with their debts. By signing up for the programme, StepChange will send an email each day during the week, provide links to practical advice on different wealth subjects and help customers to put a long-term action plan together.

7 Days, 7 Ways will continue to be available after Debt Awareness Week, so the resources in this toolkit are there for customers to sign up for the programme throughout the year.

If you would like more information on the StepChange Debt Awareness Week, please visit: