Our clients are the lifeblood of our business and we depend upon them to be able to deliver the sustainable growth we forecast.

We work hard to build strong relationships with our clients by taking the time to understand their businesses and by providing them with unique industry insights. We also learn from these relationships, and use their insights to inform our decisions and to help us to develop innovative solutions which address the challenges they’re facing. This can, and does, lead to further investment in technology, and this year alone we have invested significantly in our core collections system and digital customer portal for the benefit of our clients.

Our clients expect us to demonstrate that our values are aligned, and in doing so we build their trust. This trust is essential if they are to allow us to represent their brand. It gives them confidence that we will treat their customers in a way that they and the regulators would expect. We evidence this fair treatment of customers by providing regular call quality scoring reports and customer journey reviews. We actively encourage this oversight, as we are very proud of the standards we set and believe it to be another differentiator for us in the market.

We consider our clients to be invaluable partners and strive to ensure they view Arrow in exactly the same way. We hope that these partnerships will form the foundation of our success for years to come.