Shareholders and investors

We value the support of our shareholders and want to ensure that we always make it possible to have an honest and open dialogue with them about the direction the business is going and where they think we can improve.

We take a highly structured and proactive approach to liaising with our shareholders and analysts. Arrow has a dedicated investor relations department which is fully available to analysts and investors daily, should they have queries or require a meeting. We report our financial results publicly at every quarter and consistently hold public calls and presentations to allow analysts and investors the opportunity to engage directly with management regarding the financial statements and any news flow they consider material. We also look to hold frequent Capital Markets Days where all investors and analysts are welcome to attend. These days are more operationally orientated than the management presentations given for results announcements. They also offer analysts and investors an excellent opportunity to meet and engage with members of the wider management team that liaise with the market less frequently. This will often involve divisional management teams presenting directly to analysts and investors on areas of the business specific to their roles and focus.

Outside of set-piece market announcements, we endeavour to hold a number of non-deal roadshows every year in order to provide our shareholders and investors with the opportunity to spend time with management on a one-to-one basis. Aware that we have a diverse range of investors spanning multiple geographies, we aim to conduct these roadshows across the countries where our investors are based. We also use this to provide new potential shareholders with an opportunity to meet the management team, which often forms an important part of their due-diligence process.

As well as liaising with the portfolio managers, we believe it is also important that investors’ corporate governance teams are aligned with the Company strategy and policies. We therefore ensure that we engage proactively with investors’ corporate governance departments, offering both regular meetings and the chance to comment on any suggested changes to Company policies.