Podcast: Evolution of blockchain technology in the securitisation market

In this episode of the SCI In Conversation podcast, Arrow’s John Pellew, Principal, Distribution and Securitisation, discusses the evolution of blockchain technology in the securitisation market. John highlights the milestone achievements in the space, as well as the challenges that still need to be overcome.

Listen here.

John Pellew

John Pellew

Principal, Distribution and Securitisation

John brings a new strategic agenda of technological and financing innovation to the Arrow business. Paving the way to next generation investment products and sophisticated analytics.

John’s 30 years’ experience in business include 23 in Banking, Financial Services and Technology, having worked for CBA (Aust), Clydesdale Bank and RBS.

Prior to joining Arrow, John founded Othera Group Limited (in 2015), a fintech start-up, focused on the application of blockchain in loan origination, credit, servicing and the securitisation of financial digital assets. John has also lodged patent applications in the space of blockchain digital assets.

John has background in Accountancy with a BA in Accounting from the University of South Australia.