In line with the Group’s near-term focus in Q1 2020, being the preservation of cash and liquidity, on the 6 April 2020, the Group announced its intention to withdraw its recommended final dividend for 2019, preserving approximately £15.0 million of cash within the business. 

The board has also not paid an interim dividend for H1 2020, however it expects to resume dividend payments at year-end 2021. 


Dividend history summary 


Financial year Interim (p) Final (p) Total (p)
2013 nil nil nil
2014 1.7 3.4 5.1
2015 1.7 5.4 7.1
2016 2.7 6.4 9.1
2017 3.2 8.1 11.3
2018 4.0 8.7 12.7
2019 4.4 Withdrawn 4.4
2020 nil nil nil
*2021 nil


Dividends direct to your bank account 

Having your dividends paid directly into your bank or building society account is a more secure way than receiving your dividend by cheque. If you would prefer your dividends to be paid directly into your bank or building society account, further information is available from Equiniti at shareview.co.uk/info/direct dividends or, alternatively call them on 0371 384 2030 (+44 (0) 121 415 7047 from outside the UK).



Dividend re-investment plan (“DRIP”) 

Equiniti Financial Services Limited offers a DRIP which allows shareholders to reinvest their cash dividends in the company’s shares. Full details of the DRIP are available at help.shareview.co.uk (Reinvest my dividend).