Our point of view

This high fragmentation of different types of distressed assets allows us to hone in on and dominate a number of high value niches with strong return profiles.

Arrow has a significant data and tech advantage – 35 million data records


Propriety data set + local expertise and data in new geographies + conservative approach to underwriting = consistent underwriting outperformance over 19 years.

  • Proprietary data set of 10m customer accounts and over 35m data records built over 15 years of collection data
  • In-house platforms, with c. €95bn of assets under management provide insight into asset performance to complement analytical approach
  • Centre of excellence in underwriting and analytics in Manchester & London (UK), coupled with specific local in-country expertise to give significant benefit of single country approach
  • Access to credit bureaus (UK & Ire, Netherlands, Italy) and central bank (Portugal) to supplement proprietary data
  • Realisations vs. underwrite 109% (off-market deals)

Our point of view

Our forensically driven underwriting capability comprises c. 2,000 people on the ground, 21 servicing platforms, industrial scale data records and technology for strong, predictable returns from a highly diversified asset mix.

Asset servicing

Our in-country servicing platforms provide us with knowledge and relationships that is difficult to replicate without being an ‘owner-operator’.

Map of Europe

UK and Ireland

6 platforms, ~650 professionals, €15 billion AUM


4 platforms, ~400 professionals, €6 billion AUM

Portugal and Spain

6 platforms, ~770 professionals, €12 billion AUM


4 platforms, ~290 professionals, €48 billion AUM

6 countries, 21 platforms, c. 2,000 professionals operating in multiple asset classes

Our servicing businesses employ over 2,000 professionals and service assets on behalf of Arrow, banks and other distressed debt funds. These local businesses provide proprietary insights into a diverse range of assets at a highly granular level.







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