Investment strategies

Vertically integrated asset management


Arrow’s investment team has a 20-year plus track record of successfully investing in European credit and real estate.


Our unique business model combines two complementary arms: fund management and local asset management.

Arrow has invested more than €10 billion over the last 20 years across over 1,500 investments in a broad range of European credit and real estate opportunities, achieving strong risk-adjusted returns with consistent performance and attractive diversification.

Arrow’s pan-European asset management and servicing platforms service a significant portion of the assets for both Arrow and its fund and investment management business, as well as for third-party clients such as other investment managers and banks. We have approximately €95 billion of Assets Under Management, of which €14 billion is related to real estate assets. Our best-in-class local servicing capabilities enable a unique granular ability to access new investments, only available with local presence and knowledge, thus allowing us to grow our fund management operations.


  • Highly diversified investors enable robust capital flow
  • Multi-asset class opportunities derived from local expertise
  • Multi-market exposure delivers strong diversification
Local asset management
  • 22 platforms across 7 countries deliver diversification
  • Deep local knowledge enhances asset management performance
  • Strong local relationships secure better, often off-market, deals

GP-owned platforms originate differentiated investment opportunities

Competitive advantage

22 local platforms in seven countries employing approximately 2,000 professionals

Local origination capability and assets under management serve as sources for investment opportunities.

Ability to unlock a large volume of opportunities in the complex, fragmented, and heterogeneous European market.

  • Multiple scaled, market-leading local platforms support a central investment team
  • Ability to aggregate granular proprietary opportunities
  • Deep knowledge, expertise, and relationships in each target geography, underpinned by our local platforms

Investment strategies

Arrow Credit Opportunities
  • Strategy: Performing and non-performing credit portfolios, Bankruptcies, Secured Collaterals
  • €85+ billion of Assets Under Management
  • Two dedicated Arrow Credit Opportunities ('ACO') funds with €4.5 billion of discretionary third-party capital
  • ACO I closed in 2020*, over €1, 948m invested (December 23)
  • ACO II: €2.8 billion closed in March 2023*
  • 1,300+ professionals
  • 12 local platforms including Drydens Solicitors, Whitestar, Mars Capital, Restart Capital, Vesting Finance, Zenith Global and Europa Investimenti
  • 7 core geographies
Arrow Lending Opportunities
  • Strategy: Secured credit investments including Bridging, Development Lending and Stabilised Mortgages
  • €18+ billion servicing Assets Under Management
  • Flexible approach to solve the capital needs to the real estate sector by providing full-lifecycle real estate lending solution
  • 600+ professionals
  • Supportive living sector macro tailwinds underpinning demand for new developments and refurbishment projects
  • 5 local platforms including RNHB, Maslow Capital, Vesting Finance, and Mars Capital
  • 7 core geographies
Arrow Real Estate Opportunities
  • Strategy: Value-added and opportunistic control investments in direct real estate (granular / off-the-run) from stressed situations
  • €13+ billion real estate Assets Under Management
  • Arrow's local investment model with local sourcing and operating capabilities is well positioned to capitalise on distressed opportunities
  • 1,400+ professionals
  • 14 local platforms including Norfin, Whitestar, Europa Investimenti, Sansedoni, Vesting Finance, RNHB, Mica Real Estate, Eagle Street Partners, Maslow Capital, and BCC
  • 7 core geographies

*Marketing arrangements: Investors are hereby informed that the Fund is no longer registered and that all relevant marketing arrangements of the Fund have been terminated.

Local servicing capabilities

The combination of 22 leading platforms enables Arrow to provide competitive and specialist servicing and investment expertise locally across seven highly relevant markets

Arrow Credit Opportunities


Arrow’s proprietary investment strategy is strategically positioned to capitalise on European non-performing loans (NPLs), non-core banking assets, and select real estate-related assets acquired from distressed situations. This approach takes advantage of Arrow’s extensive network and local expertise, offering a unique entry into an attractive investment market.


Opportunistic Credit Strategy

Arrow’s investment strategy is designed to focus on opportunistic, off-market opportunities within its core European geographies. By leveraging a distinctive business model and partnering with local credit servicers, Arrow ensures an exclusive pipeline of off-market deals. This not only provides a local knowledge advantage but also enhances its capability to selectively access and manage assets effectively.

Market Opportunity

Europe presents a large, fragmented market characterised by historical inefficiencies that produce a high volume of non-core and non-performing credit assets. The market is ripe for the investment into secondary market volumes, where other NPL managers look to divest their portfolios in search of liquidity. Additionally, the current economic climate of elevated interest rates and refinancing pressures contributes to localised market dislocations, increasing the demand for liquidity and creating further opportunities for Arrow.

Platform and Track Record

As a leading pan-European asset manager, Arrow boasts a strong track record in private debt management. With 22 asset management and servicing platforms across seven countries, and approximately €95 billion in assets under management, Arrow’s operational footprint is supported by over 2,000 professionals. This extensive network underpins Arrow’s operational efficacy and market reach.

Competitive Advantage

Arrow’s local platform franchise model is perfectly suited to exploit these market opportunities. With over a decade of experience in identifying platforms that offer access to high-value, niche market areas, Arrow’s strategy is predicated on granular, local sourcing. This approach, coupled with strong on-the-ground origination capabilities and robust local relationships, ensures strong risk-adjusted returns.


Proven track record

Our impressive track record showcases our deep understanding of local markets, particularly how we secure investment exposure to high-quality real estate collateral throughout market cycles.

Arrow Lending Opportunities


Arrow’s proprietary strategy in the lending sector focuses on primary secured credit opportunities within the living sector across its European geographies. By offering full-life-cycle real estate lending solutions, Arrow addresses the capital needs of the real estate sector with a flexible approach tailored to deliver market-leading, risk-adjusted returns. Embedded specific ESG considerations ensure responsible decision-making throughout the process.


Lending Strategy

Arrow targets proprietary, secured credit opportunities specifically within the living sector, believing its flexible approach is well-suited to meet the evolving capital demands of the real estate market. The strategy is designed not only to solve financial needs but also to provide consistent, market-leading risk-adjusted returns with ESG considerations at the forefront of every decision.

Market Opportunity

The European real estate sector presents attractive financing opportunities for high-quality borrowers, especially given the current retreat and regulation of banks. Supportive macro tailwinds in the living sector boost demand for new developments and refurbishment projects. Moreover, a high base rate passed on to borrowers and lower loan-to-value ratios contribute to the attractiveness of the returns.

Platform and Track Record

As a leading pan-European asset manager, Arrow boasts a significant track record in private credit, lending, and real estate. With 14 specialised real estate and lending platforms and over 25 investment professionals, Arrow ensures strong sourcing and execution capabilities, backed by stringent credit discipline. Over the past decade, Arrow has invested €15 billion in the sector.

Competitive Advantage

Arrow’s local sourcing and strong relationships enable differentiated on-the-ground origination capabilities. Its senior management team, with over 20 years of experience, and a differentiated offering position Arrow as a one-stop-shop for borrowers throughout the entire lifecycle of real estate projects.


Flexible investment

Our flexible investment approach in real estate capitalises on a wide range of investment opportunities, adapts to changing market conditions, and creates value through both traditional and alternative real estate investments. Our adaptability allows us to capitalise on dislocation and current European real estate market trends, such as the systemic undersupply of housing stock, energy transition, and the increasing role of private capital in real estate development.

Arrow Real Estate Opportunities


Arrow’s real estate strategy is centred on generating opportunistic returns by acquiring granular, off-the-run properties that offer significant value-add and repositioning potential. These properties are often sourced from stressed sponsors or lenders, capitalising on the unique market conditions to secure valuable investments.


Real Estate Strategy

Arrow focuses on acquiring properties that have meaningful potential for value addition and repositioning, aiming to generate high returns. These transactions are sourced locally through Arrow’s own platforms, allowing for a granular approach to each investment. This strategy is designed to capitalise on the unique opportunities that arise from market dislocations and stressed real estate assets.

Market Opportunity

The current higher rate environment presents significant downward valuation pressure and liquidity challenges, leading to increasing instances of distressed properties. Despite these challenges, the operating fundamentals remain strong across Arrow’s target sectors, which include Residential, Last Mile Logistics, Leisure, and Hospitality. These sectors continue to benefit from strong demand and limited supply, underpinning the attractiveness and viability of investments.

Platform and Track Record

Arrow has been a prominent player in the European real estate market for approximately 20 years, managing around €95 billion in assets. With 22 locally based platforms, including 14 that are real estate-focused, Arrow facilitates effective sourcing, transaction execution, and business plan oversight. This infrastructure supports Arrow’s proven track record in European real estate investing.

Competitive Advantage

Arrow’s local platforms provide on-the-ground origination capabilities, essential for accessing and capitalising on market-specific opportunities. Arrow’s extensive experience in workouts and restructuring, gained through its history as a distressed investor, and its highly experienced senior investment team, further enhance its competitive position in the market.