Workplace: Connecting the workforce through communication and engagement

In 2019, Arrow Global, a leading European Fund and Asset Manager and Servicer, launched Workplace by Facebook, as its Group-wide communications and engagement platform. After a period of significant expansion, during which Arrow integrated 14 new businesses across five geographies, we identified the need to bring the Group together on one standardised platform - Workplace was identified as our preferred tool.  

Connecting the workforce

Workplace was chosen as its Group-wide digital communications and engagement platform, allowing colleagues from each geography to collaborate in ways they had not been able to previously. As a global business, its functionality, such as auto translate, video chat, and live streaming has allowed colleagues to share information, work on projects, make decisions quicker, give instant feedback and work more efficiently.

With the vast majority of the Group’s workforce currently working remotely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, having access to a platform that enables connectivity is essential for many reasons. Having started as Arrow’s primary internal communication tool, it has very quickly become an engagement tool too, allowing colleagues to remain in touch with the business and their colleagues, providing a sense of community during a period of unprecedented uncertainty. Crucially, the platform not only allows our employees to remain connected, but also supports our business continuity plans, allowing us to serve our stakeholders as effectively as possible.

Security first

As a regulated business with access to confidential information, ensuring the platform upheld the highest level of information security was of paramount importance. Working with Generation Digital, a Workplace consultant, and Netskope, a cloud-security provider, the Arrow team put into place an extremely secure system, which is recognised as the ‘Gold Standard’ in content management and data protection.

The Workplace platform already adhered to high security standards with globally recognised compliance and security certifications, but Arrow wanted to take that one step further and tailor the security to our business’s particular needs.

As a result, the additional protection measures we now have in place mean we can obtain real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites or apps from anywhere on any device. All traffic to Workplace first goes through the Netskope private Security Cloud, and as such all unapproved data and files are unable to reach Arrow Global’s Workplace cloud. If, in the highly improbable circumstance that something inappropriate does get posted to Workplace, it will be automatically removed from the platform within a matter of seconds.

The result

The Workplace platform is now up and running on corporate and personal devices for employees in all geographies. Arrow’s Information Security Team has enhanced the security of the platform without compromising usability, and adoption has been so positive that many employees are reducing use of email which in turn is encouraging a more collaborative and collegiate working environment.

Speaking about the success of the platform, Lee Rochford, Group chief executive officer, said: “I’m delighted that Workplace has been rolled out across all of the Group, making us truly One Arrow. The platform has helped to transform the way colleagues communicate and engage across the business, which has been vital during these unprecedented times.”