SCI's Annual NPL Securitisation Seminar

Arrow leading the way

The volume of non-performing loans on European bank balance sheets is expected to increase due to the economic dislocation of Covid-19. Securitisation, the act of grouping together non-performing assets into a marketable commodity, will play a central role in helping banks sell these assets, in turn helping them to recapitalise and continue with mainstream lending.

The SCI NPL Securitisation seminar, held on 14 September, will explore the impact of the pandemic on securitisation including pricing, servicing and regulation across the European market.

Helping European banks to dispose of these assets and recapitalise will help European economies recover from the pandemic, and as such, we’re delighted that we have three of our own experts participating in the seminar and leading the debate.

Adam Croskery, our Structuring and Origination Manager, will join the market overview panel to discuss how the pandemic has impacted NPL activity across Europe, focusing specifically on pricing and the secondary market activity.

Joao Bugalho, managing director of our Asset Management and Servicing business in southern Europe, will explore the role of servicing including market consolidation, capacity and talent as well as strategic servicing partnership.

Finally, our head of Origination and Corporate Development, Richard Roberts, will explore emerging NPL opportunities and jurisdictions including where new value is likely to appear, discussing opportunities such as real estate leases and the development of the ‘unlikely to pay’ loan market.

Arrow will sit alongside other industry experts from companies such as Banca IFIS, S&P, HSBC and Société Générale. 



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