At a glance

Arrow is a leading European investor and asset manager in the nonperforming and non-core assets sector. We are evolving our model by developing a discretionary Fund and Investment Management business in order to capitalise on market opportunities.

What we do

We identify, acquire and manage secured and unsecured loan and real estate portfolios from and on behalf of financial institutions, such as banks, institutional fund investors and specialist lenders.

An active role

We help our customers build better financial futures through affordable repayment programmes aiding them to improve their credit score. We enable financial institutions to reduce their balance sheets and recapitalise to increase mainstream lending. By purchasing and managing non-performing loans and other non-core assets, we provide valuable capital and expertise to a growing European market.

A regulated business

We are a regulated business in all our European markets, managing a wide rang of assets across five geographies with over 2,500 employees.

2020 highlights

Total income

£167.5m (50.7)% (2019: £339.5m)

(Loss)/profit before tax

£(114.8)m (2019: £51.3m)

Basic earnings per share (EPS)

£(0.52) (2019: £0.20)

Return on equity

(63.7)% (2019: 17.9%)

Free cash flow

£156.6m (40.1)% (2019: £261.4m)


5.1x (2019: 3.4x)

Funds Under Management (FUM)

€4,274.5m 15.7% (2019: €3,693.8m)

Balance sheet cash collections

£338.9m (23.4)% (2019: £442.3m)

Third-party Asset Management and Servicing (AMS) income

£97.0m 2.8% (2019: £94.4m)

Capital-light % of Group EBITDA

(48.4)% * (2019: 33.3%)

* Negative Group EBITDA

Fund and Investment Management (FIM) EBITDA margin %

(2019: 38.6%)


12.4% (2019: 17.9%)