Arrow Global’s ACO II Fund surpasses target and reaches hard cap of €2.75 billion

Arrow Global Group announced today it has reached hard cap of its flagship strategy Arrow Credit Opportunities II (“ACO II”) Fund at approximately €2.75 billion including a General Partner commitment of €275 million.

ACO II received extensive investor demand from both new and existing partnerships, which significantly exceeded its fundraising target of €2.5 billion to reach the Fund’s hard cap of €2.75 billion.

ACO II attracted almost unanimous re-up from ACO I investors and has attracted significant new commitments from a diverse mix of global institutional investors from the U.S, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.

“We are delighted to have met and beaten our fundraising target,” said Zach Lewy, CEO and CIO of Arrow Global. “The continued partnership with existing investors, coupled with the support of select new investors, demonstrates their confidence in the Fund’s investment strategy and expertise in our defined sectors. The Arrow team views its relationship with the investors in our Fund as a partnership, and we are grateful for their support in enabling us to complete the fundraise in under eight months.

“Not only did we grow in every geographical region, but we also grew commitments in every investor category from sovereign wealth to pensions, insurance companies, foundations, and family offices.”

The unique opportunities enabled by Arrow’s local model means the vast majority of investments are proprietary off-market opportunities, avoiding public auctions where pricing tends to be higher. It also allows Arrow to focus on the quality of the underlying asset, such that 90% of the ACO II portfolio is secured by real estate, cash in court, or other mixed securities. This diversification and asset-backed strategy brings welcome security in the face of wider market uncertainty.

“Having 18 local specialist platforms in our five chosen European geographies and €79 billion AuM gives us an unapparelled opportunity to see and invest into the most interesting opportunities,” said Charlotte Gilbert, Managing Director, Client and Product Solutions at Arrow Global. “We have a robust pipeline of investment opportunities, and our investment team is well placed to capitalise on a growing investor landscape. We are proud to be a team that stays close to our investments and brings real quality to our portfolio.”

AGG Capital Management Limited, a Jersey-incorporated and wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Global, serves as portfolio manager to the Fund.

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