Modern Travellers Demand More in Southern Europe

In “Modern Travellers Demand More in Southern Europe,” John Calvao, Thomas Rubi, and Marten Foxon of Arrow Global explore the evolving landscape of hospitality and leisure in Southern Europe. They highlight the region’s significant potential for repositioning, driven by post-pandemic travel surges and increased interest from North American tourists.

With improved infrastructure and direct flights from the U.S., Southern Europe, particularly Portugal, is poised to attract a new wave of high-paying visitors. The trio discusses the need for upgraded service levels, noting the stark contrast between today’s hospitality standards and those of past decades.

The article delves into key market trends, such as the shift towards multi-purpose resorts that mitigate seasonality and attract diverse clientele. They emphasise the importance of local expertise and control over destination development to elevate standards and create cohesive experiences.

Challenges like supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages are also addressed, with innovative solutions such as employee housing initiatives. Sustainability is a focal point, with Arrow Global prioritising water conservation and solar energy projects, along with ESG certifications for revamped properties.

Read more on why Southern Europe’s hospitality sector is set for significant growth, driven by strategic investments, evolving traveller demands, and sustainable practices.

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John Calvao

John Calvao

Fund Principal

John joined Arrow in 2010 and is Managing Principal of Arrow managed Funds as well as accountable for Arrow’s Platforms, Portfolio Management Performance, Fund Operations, IT & Change. During his tenure at Arrow, John has been involved in developing Arrow’s Italian strategy and having also been Arrow’s Portugal Country Manager and Whitestar CEO.

Prior to that, John gained more than 15 years’ experience across various international capital market institutions, including as COO of MIAC Assurance Corporation, Head of Operations at SCA, which he joined after an independent consultant role overseeing the build out of the first independent, NPL servicing company in Portugal, and CIO at Clayton.

John began his career at MBIA.