Staying local for diversified investment opportunities

Published in April’s issue of Private Debt Investor, “Staying local for diversified investment opportunities,” Arrow Global’s Toni McDermott and Richard Roberts discuss the company’s successful lending and opportunistic credit strategies, emphasising the importance of Arrow’s localised approach in the European credit market. They highlight how Arrow Global capitalises on granular, residential real estate-backed loans and investments, benefiting from a deep understanding of local markets.

Arrow Global finds opportunities in sectors underserved by banks due to regulatory changes, focusing on assets with strong fundamentals and undersupply, particularly in the living sector. The company’s unique position, with extensive local platforms and a granular approach, allows it to navigate market conditions and maintain credit quality, while also integrating ESG and DEI criteria into its investment strategies.

“Institutional investors understand very well that it’s a very good time to provide senior secured capital to borrowers who are delivering assets that are in short supply” Toni McDermott

“Borrowers ascribe value to and are willing to pay for consistency and for flexible capital that’s delivered on time” Richard Roberts

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Toni McDermott

Toni McDermott

CIO, Credit and Lending

Toni joined Arrow in 2023 as Credit and Lending CIO. During her career spanning more than 25 years, Toni has invested in and managed performing and non-performing portfolios and businesses across Europe including UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Greece. Before Arrow Global, Toni spent three years in HK running Morgan Stanley’s APAC Loan Solutions and Securitisation Group. In Europe, Toni was responsible for Centerbridge’s European Asset Backed Special Situations business for 4.5 years. Post GFC, Toni was one of the architects of Deutsche Bank’s European Portfolios business. She also has extensive experience in asset backed and real estate lending, securitisation, as well as special servicing businesses.

Toni is a trustee of Coram’s Fields and Harmsworth Memorial Playground. She has a BComm International (BCIT) from University College Dublin.