The Rise of Asset-Backed Lending in Europe’s Private Debt Market

Ellis Sher, Managing Director, Arrow Lending Opportunities, explores the evolving dynamics of Europe’s private debt market with a focus on asset-backed lending (ABL). This financing method is emerging as a significant alternative to traditional bank financing, gaining popularity for its ability to provide consistent returns and security, underpinned by tangible assets.

As private debt assets under management (AUM) are anticipated to reach new heights, driven by investor confidence and a demand for more flexible credit solutions, the article delves into the strategic expansion of ABL. It emphasises its utility in hedging against inflation, facilitating the transformation of Europe’s mid-market sector, and contributing to economic and social progress.

The piece highlights the innovative potential of private debt lending, offering insights into future trends and underscoring the significance of this financing approach within a broader economic and societal framework.

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Ellis Sher

Ellis Sher

Managing Director, Arrow Lending Opportunities

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Ellis embarked on a career in banking and finance focusing on speciality credit, covering a wide range of asset classes including tax arbitrage, consumer credit and property finance.

Ellis enjoyed a successful career at Investec where he worked for 7 years and was part of the establishment of the bank’s private client structured finance business. In 2005 he left Investec to pursue the acquisition of a specialist mortgage provider known as Cheval Property Finance PLC where he held the position of Managing Director until February 2009. In March 2009, he co-founded Maslow, a specialist property lending business which is now part of the Arrow Group.